Nancy Peacock

Nancy Peacock does not have enough fingers and toes (it’s the standard issue of ten of each) to count the number of times she’s quit this confounded writing business.

Yet somehow she always comes back to it and has finally come to accept it is not only her lot in life but a damn good place to be too. Peacock is a lover of stories and how they connect us as human beings. Whatever happens in her career, rich or poor, published or not, she always wants to see what’s around the next bend – and this means what’s around the bend for whatever character has blessed her with a visit.

On the physical plane, she lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina with her partner, Ben. When not writing she teaches writing, reads, cooks, weaves tapestries, and walks the Eno River. And occasionally cleans her house.


Short Stories

  • “Loveline Lilly” Southern Arts Journal; Honorable Mention, Spectator Fiction Contest, 1991
  • “Life Without Water” St. Andrews Review
  • “The Trip” Winner, North Carolina Writers’ Network Fiction Syndicate, 1989
  • “A Bag of Falling Stars” Finalist, O.Henry Festival Stories,1991
  • “Maureen” Sojourner 


  • “The Plight of the Blue Collar Writer” The Network News, North Carolina Writers’ Network
  • “Enquiring Minds” Southern Arts Journal 
  • “My Vita – Why I Became a Blue Collar Writer”  Southern Exposure
  • “Story Ideas Come in Odd Packages” Chapel Hill News 


  • “Refitting Your Suit” The Village Rambler
  • “English as a Second Language”  Sugar Mule 
  • “Three Haiku”  Sugar Mule 
  • “To the Man Who Carried My Bag”  Southern Arts Journal